How we started...

I started By Day because I knew that there had to be a better way to work. 

Our society is definitely changing, we are breaking outdated rules and putting new systems and freedom in place that allow the individual to live on their own terms. And that’s great. But when it came to work, it wasn’t quite the same. Experienced professionals were still being forced to navigate within rigid boundaries that no longer served and businesses were struggling to find the right resources. Growing businesses (who are literally the life force of our economy as they introduce ideas that can change the world), didn’t have the same access to top tier talent that their larger competitors had. Professionals who had earned the right to choose how and when they work, couldn’t easily find the right project or role that worked on their terms. 

The world of work needed to catch up with the rest of us and I wanted to help make that happen. 

Clearly there was a better, more efficient way to operate and frankly, it was about time the status quo was challenged. We had a simple solution where everyone could work and hire on their terms: the experienced and flexible workforce that businesses need, could be provided by the established professionals who want to work in a way that fits in with their lives. We decided to give it a try and in November 2018, By Day was born. 

A year and a half on, with hundreds of hours of project work completed (with over 80% of our existing clients submitting multiple projects) and with hundreds of Consultants with incredible CV’s on our books, our small idea has become a real solution (yay!). Now it’s time to use that experience and like all start-ups, keep evolving. Ours included a brand refresh with a new logo, website and identity, but it also included bringing out the learning so far to make By Day even better. Yes, our Consultants have worked on exciting new projects for fantastic brands, from those that are starting out to those who are really conquering their market, and do so as experts to lead change or as experienced hands at a problematic time. But it is more than that. 

It’s not just parents who want the choice whether or not to work 60 hours a week, every week. It’s not just providing talent to businesses, it’s about creating a seamless, personal and bespoke service that allows businesses to focus on what they do best, letting us do the same. 

Ultimately, it is really about community: offering a collective solution to the needs of the individual, no judgement. We are human, friendly and compassionate whilst still keeping the focus on getting great results for everyone involved. That is what ensures that we keep the best talent on our books and how we offer the truly effective service to the businesses that work with us: each project is different but we get it get it right, one match at a time. 

We aren’t about time at our desks or choosing between a rich personal life and a professional one. We definitely aren’t about hiring the ‘nearly right’ instead of the perfect fit. 

We are about making work better, and making better work.

- by Rhea Gargour, Founder

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